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The Renaissance Deck of Cards

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NVP North View Products® Introduces The Renaissance Deck

~~Ace The Knight~~

~~Ace The Blacksmith~~

~~Ace The Archer~~

~~Ace The Jouster~~

Each card is 1 ozt 999 Fine Silver 

You are purchasing all four aces. Leather Binder sold separately 

Leather Binder made to fit all 52 cards vertically. Pages made specifically for all 52 cards included. Extra pages available for purchase upon request. 

The release will be all four suites of a single card at a time, every 8 weeks. The Mintage is very limited at 333 for the entire deck. These are numbered, example, "1 - 333".  

Binders are made to order. These are made in house by YC Leather. Please allow up to one week for shipping confirmation.

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